More than three years ago, a small chatbot company was born with the ambitious mission to connect the world and to materialize a future where the limitless and untapped supply of humanity’s wisdom and lived experiences could be freely accessible and most importantly, rewarded.

More than three million people illuminated the path for SENSE and a protocol for human intelligence, which attributes human knowledge across digital ecosystems and enables access to humans behind that attributed data without the need for intermediaries.

We crave a way to stay connected while retaining control and ownership of the data our digital footprint generates. Companies wish to access human data and the humans behind that data without the need for intermediaries, opening the door for blockchain technology to make an enormous impact on the way people see, use and monetize data every day.

Our mission extends across all digital platforms where data and knowledge work regularly takes place, and our ambitious mission relies on the combined power of talented individuals in the Ethereum community and the community itself rallying behind Human Intelligence for a future that makes SENSE.

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